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Meeting Tools

Unote gives you first-class meeting tools at your fingertip including agenda, note and action item management.

At a Glance

Unote helps you prepare for your meetings by offering details at a glance in an intuitive UI.

Team Collaboration

Take your team to the next level by collaboratively collecting meeting agendas, notes and action items!

Microsoft Teams Integration

Unote offers a first-class integration into Microsoft Teams so that you can collect and track meeting notes throughout your meetings.

Intuitive to Learn

Start immediately without extensive training as Unote's UI has been built with simplicity in mind.

Follow Best Practices

Help your team feel heard and understood by leveraging reminders for inclusion throughout meetings.

Create Strong Meeting Agendas

Unote offers all captured meeting details at a glance. Agendas, notes and action items are accessible to all meeting participants.

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Capture meeting notes

Enable your entire team to collaboratively contribute to meeting notes that can be shared via email with a single click.

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Track action items

Tag meeting participants and capture action items directly within your meeting to make sure your team follows up on important work.

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Microsoft Teams integration

Forgot to take notes or file action items? This belongs to the past! Use all features directly in your meetings to always stay on top of things.

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Inclusion reminders

Make sure everyone's voice is heard and have your teams leverage reminders throughout the meeting to foster inclusion!

Free for teams up to 5 users

Try it out for free now

Unote is entirely free for small teams. Whether you're a small or larger organization that needs Unote's meeting capabilities, you can sign up and try out the experience within minutes. No credit card needed!

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